Upcoming Features

We're constantly building new features into Frisbee to improve its functionality and expand its ease of use. Here are some of the features we're planning on releasing soon:

Automatic Reconnects

Network failures happen, and Frisbee should be able to function even in the event that a connection needs to be reestablished. That's why we're building automatic reconnects into Frisbee. With this, in the event that a server crashes, or a connection is lost, Frisbee will transparently attempt to reconnect to the server and resume the connection exactly where it left off.

Protobuf Compatibility

GRPC is an amazing piece of technology which that many developers may be familiar with. To ease the transition to Frisbee, we're building a protoc plugin for Frisbee that will allow developers to reuse their existing protobuf files. By utilizing the existing and well-supported protoc compiler and building our custom plugin on top of that, we are able to safely support all existing protobuf files. Moreover, protobuf files will allow developers to have a central source of truth for server-client schema.

Kubernetes Operator

Kubernetes is an extremely popular container orchestration platform that makes it easy for developers to deploy their applications in a repeatable and scalable manner. For developers who would benefit from deploying their Frisbee server instances into Kubernetes, it is important to provide a template and guide to make this process as easy as possible.

Last Updated: 2021-06-07